Turn Buyers into Brand Evangelists with New Media

“Build it and they will come” is wishful thinking…not a reliable marketing strategy.  When not enough people know about your product, no amount of innovation can lift your sell-through.  So how are savvy brands surviving the toughest economy in decades?  Simple: they know how to turn one-time buyers into long-term brand evangelists.

The Web doesn’t just influence how we gather information and do business: it’s ushered in an entirely new standard of communication.  The conversation is happening–but are you participating?

Old media relied on broadcast principles…but new media is a two-way street.  Savvy brands know how to listen, engage, converse…and convert.

The above text is taken from a workshop that VOCO Creative and Sage Advice Marketing Consulting have developed to guide businesses through the maze of leveraging social media for their companies, while concentrating on the low-hanging fruit of heavy users of their brands.  It’s title: Buyers to Brand Evangelists–Increase your Sales with New Media.


Today, we conducted a workshop for a well-known, well-respected natural foods brand that’s been dipping it’s toes in the new media pool.  We encouraged the brand team to view the workshop as an interactive session.  After we presented an info-graphic and brand report that reflected the strengths and weaknesses of their overall marketing efforts, we concentrated on new media tools they hadn’t yet embraced.  It seemed like a wake-up call.  The marketing team had been passively monitoring the robust conversation going on around them, but hadn’t actively engaged with their consumers.  There were many missed opportunities to build brand loyalty and convert their customers into brand evangelists. 

What can you do to leverage the new media to your company’s advantage?

1. Take stock and give yourself a report card of your overall marketing efforts.

2.  Clearly identify your target audience.

3.  Distinguish your heavy users and super-heavy users from your target.  These are the customers who have the highest average purchase, who tell others that their lives have been changed by your brand, are connected and conversational.

4. Write a strategy statement to define how you’ll reach your heavy users.

5. Develop at least three new media tactics to reach your budding brand advocates.  Make each program a win-win for both sides to turn customers into brand evangelists.

6. Define your key messages to your evangelists, be consistent with these messages across all communications platforms and clearly define what not to say.  (There’s a very large company currently in crisis that is a great example of things NOT to say to the target audience!)

7. Put metrics in place to measure your results.

Easy, right?  If you find this process is not so easy, give us a call and we’ll do a workshop for you, too!

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