Quiet Time–The White Space of Life


It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic moments of the holidays. Between parties, shopping, letter-writing, and the usual chores and errands of daily life, it seems that none of us ever has time to sit and reflect.

Now that we’ve made it through the gift exchanges, meals with relatives and shopping the clearance sales, we’re in the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Many companies close down this week, knowing that people can’t concentrate on starting the business year without a healthy dose of down time.  For those of us who don’t have that perk, we know it’s time to clean our offices, clean out our email and voicemail boxes and throw away the detritus from another year.

Something else happens during this week.  This lull in the action always allows me to let go of the immediate and let my sub-conscious bubble up to the surface.   In just a day I’ve realized how I want to direct my business next year as well as what I want to focus on personally and professionally.

While this happens every year at this time, I’m always amazed that some of the issues that I’m struggling with seem so clear when the daily press of life slows for a while.  The quiet time is like white space in my life, allowing the truly important to finally displace the immediate–and often irrelevant matters.


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