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Success Can Kill a Brand

  This weekend I attended a conference that I’ve attended for 10 out of the 12 years that it’s been held.  Part of its attraction is the high quality of instruction from experts brought in from all over the world; part is strictly social.  Yet, this small conference that started with about 50 people has […]

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Brand Charter: the Lego Blocks of Branding

Over the past couple years,  I’ve noticed more and more clients being very precise in asking for a narrow scope of work from me as a Marketing Consultant.  Perhaps it’s the economy that limits their requests for more comprehensive marketing, or perhaps companies find it easier to ask for tangibles that are missing from their […]

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Brand Extensions: More Business or Confusion?

The brilliant and insightful business cartoonist, Tom Fishburne, recently published this great “Marketoon” on the dangers of brand extensions.  It reminded me of a conversation I had with some marketers recently about why I thought a brand that I once worked for had gone awry.  It wasn’t brand extensions into new categories that got them […]

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What Color is Your Brand?

We all know that colors have strong emotional and perceptual connotations.  When we want to be seen as a strong player in a meeting, we wear red–or at least, if we’re female, we wear red!  If we want a good night’s sleep, we paint our bedroom a cool color like sky blue or sage green. […]

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Brand Champion or Evangelist–Which is Better?

A few weeks ago, there was a question on Brandchat (online twitter chat focusing on all things brand) regarding internal brand advocates.  The participants online finally clarified that brand evangelists tend to be those wonderful, raving fans of a brand who are not on staff, and brand champions are those within an organization who are charged with brand management duties. […]

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Now You’re Thinking Like a Dog!

My husband and I took our very smart (and adorable) dog on a big hike recently.  Being half adventure-dog and half love-bug, he can’t wait to get outside and show his bold side, demonstrating how agile, fast and smart he is.  This time on our hike, Rio was lagging behind and my husband made a comment on his behavior.  […]

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Differentiation AND Relevance Maximize Brand Value

A while ago, I wrote a post about the necessity of a product or service being Cheaper, Better or Different, in order to be a successful brand: By occupying one of these three points on a positioning triangle, the best-of-class brands occupy a different reason for being in a consumer’s mind.  WalMart is an […]

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Brand Transparency Doesn’t Always = Honesty

In catching up with my reading, I ran across an article by John Rooks in LOHAS Journal, a printed companion piece to the LOHAS movement (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability), printed once a year in the spring.  The timing was eerie.  I read Rooks’ article “Authenticating Real,” the same day that I received the annual report […]

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Lessons from Cleopatra–Control Your Brand’s Narrative

I just finished reading the new biography “Cleopatra, A Life,” by Stacy Schiff.  I have to admit that nearly everything I thought about the woman (aka “brand”) relied on Shakespeare’s telling and Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal.  According to Ms. Schiff, while Cleopatra’s “name is indelible, the image is blurry” for most of us. Richer than anyone […]

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Cheaper, Better, Different

Last year I did an in-depth marketing analysis for a brand that was part of a portfolio of product lines.  As I got into the data dig, it was clear that the usual culprits: pricing, distribution and promotion were not at fault.  Instead, it was a combination of product and positioning that were causing this brand […]

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