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The Brand is in the Details

Details are important, but have you discovered how important they are to your brand identity? Previously I worked for a start-up whose founder thought that he knew the target audience and what their perception was of our brand.  Being in charge of marketing, it occurred to me that the founder and entire team needed a wake-up call to realize […]

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White Girl Salsa: Differentiated Brand=Potential Success

What the world doesn’t need is another salsa brand.  If you’ve browsed your local market lately, you’ll see plenty of offerings from small-batch salsa companies to large corporate manufacturers.  A friend of mine told me that recently in a business launch session, a retail buyer told her “whatever you do, don’t bring me another salsa!” But there […]

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3 Marketing Lessons from “Black Monday”

If the Friday after Thanksgiving is “black Friday” for most retailers, then the Monday before Thanksgiving must be “black Monday” for food retailers.  Having just extricated myself from several markets whose crowds probably exceeded the buildings’ fire code, I realized that people who are in a hurry to get their Thanksgiving shopping done, are not […]

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Are crickets chirping on your company blog?

Every week my husband groans and asks why I have to keep writing my business blog: Fertile Ground.  He views the exercise as an albatross around my neck, since I’m a small business owner who can’t share the  writing responsibilities with anyone else.  I see it differently—and so does Mark Schaefer who wrote an excellent piece this week on his […]

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Who Defines “the Best” Product?

Over the weekend, I stopped at a new Farmer’s Market booth selling old-style European pastries.  The uncut coffeecake was so interesting that I asked the women in the booth to describe the ingredients and how she made this delicacy. After a long list of mouth-watering ingredients and scratch-baking techniques, she highlighted the fact that she […]

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“Conspicuous Conservation”

Perusing the Sunday paper, I found an article in Parade magazine by Lee Eisenberg titled “Your Money or Your Life.”  The article adds food for thought to the topic of how our economic crisis and lingering non-recovery may have changed the way consumers shop and how their definitions of value are different than they were just a couple years […]

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Pirate or Generic Brand?

Brand.  It’s a loaded word.  It means lots of different things to different people.  My short definition of brand is the personality of a product.  But a brand identity is in the eye of the beholder.  It’s what the customer thinks about your products that constitutes your brand image. I was reminded of this watching a movie the other […]

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Build It and They Will Come… is wishful thinking, not a reliable marketing strategy

  After a full year of tweeting (woo hoo!) under my belt, I realize that new media is like old media.  If you stop communicating with your loyal users and potential audience, they move on.  My definition of marketing is connecting people with products and services they want or need. If the connection goes dead, […]

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Will Apple Put Its Logo on Grilled Cheese?

What does Apple due to reinforce its brand franchise with loyal users? Starting with product differentiation and ending with brand personality, this company does marketing and drand the right way.

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