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Change is Inevitable, Success is Optional

This headline was one of the quotes in a new book I’ve been reading called: “Climate Capitalism,” by L.Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen.  The read is alternately terrifying in its predictions and hopeful that efficiency, renewable energy and other new clean-tech innovations can save not only the planet–but our economic system in the process. On […]

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From Plato to…Play-Doh

After just having seen a story on TV news about college essays, and the “strikingly original” questions being asked of applicants, I opened my University of Chicago magazine and saw Laura Demanski’s article on the essay questions asked by the admissions office for the Class of 2016. The most popular question of the six offered […]

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Can’t Do Everything? Do Something.

Here we are in the New Year with lists of things to do in hand, a new business plan, new themes to follow or new lists of resolutions, new systems to start, new calendars to prepare.  And what happens?  Paralysis sets in. The overwhelming number of things to get started, or finish out from last […]

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Everyone Needs to Be a Problem Solver

The radio show was about creativity and how to be creative in the workplace.  The woman being interviewed was talking about the creative qualities she looks for in employees when she said: “…everyone needs to be a problem solver.” How simple, yet how profound. Lately I’ve ben grumbling with family and colleagues about how the […]

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“Why Waste a Good Crisis?”


This magazine article stopped me mid page-flip.  I was reading an onboard airline publication, and the article by Leani Wessels on “Wandering Workers,” dealing with flextime, seemed interesting.  But the real show-stopper for me was the small, inset photo of Finweek magazine whose story on the current economic market crisis was titled “Why Waste a […]

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Just in Time vs Just in Case

Have you ever changed jobs and been forced to delete all your saved emails and bookmarks from your computer?  Was it a relief to get down to a handful of messages?  Did you ever feel that going to a new position, a new adventure, a new place helped you focus and leave your baggage behind? […]

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Fired–And Proud of It!

In his great blog “Planning Startup Stories,” Tim Berry always has seasoned advice about business planning and being an entrepreneur.  His 9/21/11 post entitled “Why Don’t We Include Failures in Speakers’ Bios?” came at a moment when I had just been asked by someone as to how to spin the fact that he’d been fired. […]

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Is There Enough Emptiness in Your Business?

Last week, a friend sent me a slide presentation that has been circulating on email for a while.  Based on Joseph Newton’s  writings: “The Principle of Emptiness,” the presentation includes captivating visuals (including the one above) along with philosophy. The gist of the message (for so many of us who tend to be pack rats) is to get rid […]

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A Dog that Stays on the Porch Finds no Bones

I found this proverb while I was thinking about business planning, and it reminded me that I too, need to get off the porch and try new things for my business.  While it does happen, sitting on a porch waiting for new business to be delivered, wrapped in a bow, is not a sound business or marketing […]

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“Save Forever”

A few years ago when I was clearing out my father’s business office, I came across a file folder marked “Save Forever.”  Thinking that there were important family records, a list of what was in the safety deposit box, passwords to accounts, or other treasures, I eagerly opened the folder.  Inside were print  examples of fabulous […]

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