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Forget Brainstorming–7 Ways to Be More Creative

We’ve all been through brainstorming sessions when the moderator says something like: “there are no bad ideas; just say whatever comes into your head and don’t censor anything.”   I was shocked to read a sidebar article by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman in Newsweek (July 19, 2010 issue) that debunked brainstorming as an effective tool.  The practice became popular […]

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Unleash Your Creativity

This weekend, my husband and I attended an art opening for a woodcarver in New Mexico, whose grandfather is regarded as a phenomenon.  Although Patrociño Barelo was illiterate and couldn’t sign his own name, he was considered either the embodiment of primitivism or a self taught modernist–depending on which art critic you ask.  Barela has been compared to the […]

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Honest Opinions

Over the holiday weekend, I was shopping for graduation and wedding presents, when I ambled into a small antique shop and was stopped in my tracks by an antique Navajo rug hanging on the wall.  I was smitten.  Over the course of the next couple days, I dragged two friends to assess the object of my […]

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Ditch the Resume

With graduation season upon us, I’ve been trying to provide advice to a newly-minted MBA on preparing her resume in order to find a position in the natural products industry.  Then, while reading Seth Godin’s new book “Linchpin,” I realized that I had it all wrong.   In one of his many thought-provoking points, Godin says: […]

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