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Face Time vs. Productivity

An article by Tony Schwartz in the “Harvard Business Review” Daily Alert last week titled “Reward Value, Not Face Time” struck a cord with me about the “how” of working these days. When the recession forced cost cuts, lots of companies allowed staffers to work from home offices.  Part of this was to allow individual […]

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Choke Chain Management of Vendors

Recently, I had a former client ask me to “clear my schedule” for the rest of the year to take on a very large project.  After getting things in place, my client no longer answered emails or phone calls and I am left wondering what happened.  When I related the story to a fellow consulting […]

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Best Boss: One Word Descriptions

I just read an article online that described 23 qualities of a good leader in the workplace.  There were lots of qualifications: focus, collaboration, celebration, honesty and on and on. As I read the qualities, I remembered something that was drummed into my head by former bosses and in business school.  A landmark study was done on why people […]

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Familiarity (and Respect) Breed Respect

In Seth Godin’s blog post (2/13/11), entitled: Familiarity Breeds Respect, Godin describes how his long working relationship with his colleagues has led to great respect for those people.  It made me think that it’s not only familiarity that breeds respect, but respect itself.  The relationship is a two-way street. Respect breeds respect.  If we approach everyone […]

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Hiring–Beyond the Resume

Most of us start with a resume or CV as a first screen to see if a person is qualified to fill a position in our organization.  Then come the judgement areas.  Last week, I read Valeria Mentoni’s blog about hiring people for attitude–particularly when you’re hiring for customer service.  If you missed this great post, click on […]

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