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When Is Marketing In Charge of Your Brand?

How is your business or category structured?  Is management in charge of goals and strategy, operations in charge of products, sales in charge of distribution and marketing on the back end–responsible for selling the brand to consumers based on all the decisions made by other departments? I was talking with someone in an industry that […]

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Dig Deeper into your Target Audience’s Motivation

Whether you work in a B2B or a B2C company, it’s critical to understand who the target audience is and why they might purchase a product or service that your business offers. I’ve had numerous sessions with CEOs and clients who want to sell to “everyone!”  Not only doesn’t “everyone” buy any product (even toothpaste, […]

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Marketing & Recycled Products Come Full Circle

By now, we’ve all got a cabinet full of cloth or vinyl tote bags that we (try to) take to the grocery store and beyond, so that we don’t use more plastic in our everyday lives than we absolutely need.  This humble alternative bag started out as string market bags, then progressed to canvas and […]

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The Only Way to Measure Marketing ROI

Someone asked me recently what ROI measures I use to evaluate marketing programs.  Of course there are lots of methods to choose from for different programs.  If you search for “marketing ROI,” you will get various explanations on how to measure what impact you got from a marketing spend. There are various formulas like: Incremental […]

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Wants vs Needs — A Business Update

In consumer marketing, companies have long capitalized on people’s willingness to stretch their definition of wants into the need category.  We have lots of vernacular to show us that that this sort of thinking is widespread: “eat dessert first” “you deserve a break today” “retail therapy” “spoil yourself” “I need 500 cable channels to get […]

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A Consumer Products Company Discourages Consumerism

Patagonia has recently launched a storefront on Ebay, encouraging consumers to decrease their consumption.  Huh? Why would a company that must meet profit objectives and shareholder demands encourage it’s most loyal customers not to buy?  In this case, Patagonia is putting it’s mission and values ahead of their growth and profit margin.  It’s a daring […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Marketing takes a day to learn.  Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master. –Philip Kotler

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Marketing: the 4Ps or 4Cs?

One of the problems with “Marketing” as a discipline, is that most people think that marketing sense is common sense.  It isn’t.  But because so many people can think up great ideas, they imagine that they are great marketers. When it comes to marketing discipline, the same holds true.  Finding great ideas or great new […]

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Can Marketing Save Your Business in the Lingering Recession?

This past weekend I was in Taos, NM, a small town (6,000 people) known for its cultural, historical, art and outdoor attractions.  The local newspaper just published its annual list:  Best of Taos 2011.  This year was particularly poingnant in that several of the businesses that won the top awards were going out of business, or had already […]

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