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Is the Fourth Place the New Third Place?

Starbucks made its reputation on a completely customized drink menu and a concept they refer to as “The Third Place.”  The First Place is Home, The Second is Work and The Third Place, coined by Ray Oldenburg in his book “The Great Good Place,” is an informal meeting place that fosters community. The concept has […]

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Turn Buyers into Brand Evangelists with New Media

“Build it and they will come” is wishful thinking…not a reliable marketing strategy.  When not enough people know about your product, no amount of innovation can lift your sell-through.  So how are savvy brands surviving the toughest economy in decades?  Simple: they know how to turn one-time buyers into long-term brand evangelists. The Web doesn’t […]

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Build It and They Will Come… is wishful thinking, not a reliable marketing strategy

  After a full year of tweeting (woo hoo!) under my belt, I realize that new media is like old media.  If you stop communicating with your loyal users and potential audience, they move on.  My definition of marketing is connecting people with products and services they want or need. If the connection goes dead, […]

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Sorry, Charlie…the new media isn’t broadcast

Broadcast media was very effective in the days when products that had a mass appeal could afford to run commercials designed to reach large audience segments.  It certainly helped that there were limited numbers of TV channels, only local newspapers and limited-wattage radio stations.  As a culture, we shared stories at work the day after […]

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