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Consumer Choice–Is there a Moral Imperative?

Yesterday I read an op-ed piece in the Denver Post from a woman who was bashing Whole Foods for being up in a down economy and criticizing Whole Foods shoppers for indulging in luxury items, while she and her family were clipping every coupon she could find to keep her food expenses within her budget.     What bothered […]

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Playing it Safe is Risky

In my continuing conversations with new graduates, I’ve encountered a lot of anxiety this graduation season, not only about getting a job in this recession-battered economy, but getting “the right job.”  While it is important to build a good career foundation, several new MBA graduates that I’ve encountered seem to think that “the right job” […]

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Everything changed the day she realized…

How many times have you lost focus; dealing with the immediate rather then the long term, or the urgent rather than the important? Would everything change if you knew there was exactly enough time for the top priorities in your life?

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