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Capturing Lightning in a Bottle

I always get so enthused going to the Natural Products Expo shows.  The passionate entrepreneurs, tens of thousands of like-minded people trying to mininmize our impact on the earth’s resources while still trying to provide delicious good-for-us foods and health-care products, and lots and lots of new natural, organic and sustainable products vying for my attention on […]

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See the World Through Your Customers’ Eyes

As I read more and more Top 10 year-end lists, I realize that many of the business hits and misses center around a company’s willingness to see the world as their customers see it.   The Good:   Apple knows that every new product they launch has to delight and exceed their loyalists’ expectations.  The Bad:   Gap […]

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How Witnessing a Sacrificial Sheep Slaughter Made Me a Better Marketer

What’s the angle, you’re asking yourself?  Has Sage Advice Marketing Consulting been reading too many Copyblogger tips on provocative blog headlines? Actually, I just returned from a fabulous vacation in Central Asia where I did, in fact, witness a sacrificial sheep offering.  My husband and I had just celebrated my birthday with pieces of cake from a […]

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You are Not in your Target Market

…nor is anyone in your office your target audience.  You and your colleagues may buy your company’s product or service, may have used it for decades before working at the company, fit the demographic and psychographic profile, fit the average usage–but you are still not in your target market. Why not?  You and I and […]

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Mother-in-Law Marketing

I love my mother-in-law–I really do.  But I don’t like all mothers-in-law, or teen-aged sons or well-meaning friends when they whisper in the boss’s ear about what they think their son-in-law’s/spouse’s/friend’s marketing plan should be.  Has this ever happened to you?    Once when I worked for a very large company, I was called into the […]

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