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Never Say Never

  When I started my solopreneurship a few years ago, my goal was to take the skills and experiences I’ve garnered from  a successful and diverse marketing career, and use those skills to solve my clients problems. The pause from corporate marketing responsibilities also gave me a chance to learn new ways of marketing that […]

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Quiet Time–The White Space of Life

  It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic moments of the holidays. Between parties, shopping, letter-writing, and the usual chores and errands of daily life, it seems that none of us ever has time to sit and reflect. Now that we’ve made it through the gift exchanges, meals with relatives and shopping the […]

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“Black” Turkey Day

One of the best things about Thanksgiving (other than the over-the-top meal of succulent turkey, Grandma’s dressing, tart cranberries and the rest of the trimmings) is the fact that it’s one of the major holidays and family celebrations that doesn’t involve gifts…until now. With more and more retailers setting their alarm clocks earlier and earlier, […]

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Save Your Best For Right Now

  Yesterday, while I was (again) attempting to regain fitness on my bike, I started thinking about how I originally became a good rider.  It’s like everything else in life; if you practice, practice practice, you get better, better better.  Then today, Chris Guillebeau published a post on his blog The Art of Non-Conformity, and […]

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4 Types of Group Dynamics

We all move in and out of groups: in the workplace, in our neighborhoods and in our leisure activities.  Most of the time we have a “pecking order.” Each of us knows what our relationship is to the others in the group. Over the past few weeks, I was on a tour with a group […]

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Why you Need a Vacation–Unplugged

I just returned from two weeks in misty, cold Scotland and came back to near 100-degree weather, lots of email, and after adjusting to jet lag and the heat, felt that I had missed lots of business opportunities.  I’m self-employed, so when I’m not working, the plates that I normally spin, come crashing down. Was it worth […]

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Information Is No Longer Power

In the “old days,” when I first started my career, information truly was power, as the old axiom promised.  It was difficult to get information, so companies hired third-party services to research and compile all sorts of data.  Larger companies could afford these channels of information and therefore had an advantage over competitors on the […]

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For the past two weeks I’ve been posting on why and why not to follow Top Lists.  You remember…The Coldest Places in the US, The Most Polite City in the World, and on and on. While encouraging you to make up your own Top Lists, which are not only customized, but help focus your own […]

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Top 3 Reason You Should Follow Top Lists

Following last week’s post on reasons why you shouldn’t follow Top Lists, I’m going to advocate for the other side, or present the ying to the yang, or otherwise just be contrary!   It used to be that information was power.  With the easy access of information of information on the internet, now creativity and innovation lead to power.  Give […]

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Top 3 Reasons Not to Follow Top Lists

They’re all the rage.  In our sound-byte addicted media culture, we’re all looking for the silver bullet–make that the top 10 silver bullets.  Regardless of the subject matter, we want someone else to ruminate on a topic, research it, then condense it to the top xx number of key points.  One of the reasons I […]

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