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For the Common Good

  A few phrases caught my eye in an article by Colin Irvine, a Fulbright Roving scholar, who is spending the 2010-11 academic year in Norway.  In the May issue of Viking Magazine, Irvine first talks about some of the philosophies of the Norwegian people: “…equality, mutual respect and concern for the common good.”  I […]

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Opportunity Lies in the Space Between

While watching the Giro d’italia bike race the other day, my husband made a comment on the camera angles.  He preferred the camera view from the motorcycles riding beside the peloton (main group of riders) because he could see where competitors were in relation to each other.  I preferred the bird’s-eye view from the helicopters because it […]

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How Did Tax Day Become a Marketing Holiday?

Have you ever wondered how some days have become “holidays?”  Groundhog Day has always astounded me with its popularity, but what about Moldy Cheese Day (Oct. 9) or Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day (Apr 3).  Humbug Day (Dec. 21) has never achieved any popularity, nor has one of my favorites: Left Handers’ Day […]

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Is Consistency a Hobgoblin or a Return to Sanity?

Starting the New Year, my inclination is always to think “out with the old, in with the new.”  I love variety and new experiences, so retreading already trodden ground is not exciting to me.   Then I remind myself that I need to evaluate and see what routines should remain, and what should remain as tried […]

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Walk Like an Egyptian

At the end of my undergraduate days, I had some time on my hands and decided to do one new, exciting thing every day.  I invited my friends to join me when they had time, and we discovered all sorts of unusual things about our university.  One highlight was contacting the carillonneur who played tunes on […]

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End your Business Year with a Personal Bang

It’s getting to be that time of year for most businesses, when the rally to have a strong year-end finish intersects with preparations for embarking on new projects for 2011.  Usually there is a lull right about now when vendors and clients stop returning your calls, yet you can’t start on many projects until the budget year begins January 1.  […]

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I hope the Russians love their children too

I try and keep most of my blog posts centered on marketing, brand and strategy, but occasionally I feel the need to throw in random subjects of topical interest.  After reading Chris Gillebeau’s 9/13/10 blog post on “Travel and Social Privilege,” I started thinking of the taboo topics of politics and religion, and how they relate […]

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Would You Change Your Name to Expunge Youthful Indescretions?

This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal ran an interview with Google’s CEO, who suggested that teenagers should be allowed to change their names when they become adults to expunge their records of juvenile indiscretions and start over–at least as far as their searchable public files are concerned.  Here’s the blog post that got me thinking about the topic: Google CEO Suggests You Change Your […]

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Mentoring: Do unto others as others have already done for you

A bright young marketing star sent me a note last week about my blog.  It was very complimentary about “teachable” moments in the guise of storytelling and caused me to reflect on why Isabelle and I were in conversation in the first place.  I’ve always thought it was my duty to mentor new marketing people because […]

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