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Change is Inevitable, Success is Optional

This headline was one of the quotes in a new book I’ve been reading called: “Climate Capitalism,” by L.Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen.  The read is alternately terrifying in its predictions and hopeful that efficiency, renewable energy and other new clean-tech innovations can save not only the planet–but our economic system in the process. On […]

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A Dog that Stays on the Porch Finds no Bones

I found this proverb while I was thinking about business planning, and it reminded me that I too, need to get off the porch and try new things for my business.  While it does happen, sitting on a porch waiting for new business to be delivered, wrapped in a bow, is not a sound business or marketing […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong. –Charles Kettering, Engineer

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“Save Forever”

A few years ago when I was clearing out my father’s business office, I came across a file folder marked “Save Forever.”  Thinking that there were important family records, a list of what was in the safety deposit box, passwords to accounts, or other treasures, I eagerly opened the folder.  Inside were print  examples of fabulous […]

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