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Sage Marketing Quote

Using “power copy” is the key to an effective digital communication.  If your readers don’t relate your words with your brand, you don’t stand a chance.”  –Jeanniey Mullen

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How Witnessing a Sacrificial Sheep Slaughter Made Me a Better Marketer

What’s the angle, you’re asking yourself?  Has Sage Advice Marketing Consulting been reading too many Copyblogger tips on provocative blog headlines? Actually, I just returned from a fabulous vacation in Central Asia where I did, in fact, witness a sacrificial sheep offering.  My husband and I had just celebrated my birthday with pieces of cake from a […]

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If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

Recently, a former colleague told me that his company was launching a new product line, and it was in direct competition with our former brand.  He wondered how much he should say about the things the former company had done to the brand to diminish it’s authenticity. My counsel was that he should build his own brand, and leave the negative […]

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B Concise

Our culture has gone from long narrative to short phrases in the twinkling of the communication eye.  In the 1800s, people listened to political candidates debate for hours on end, bringing picnics and spending the day as a family outing.  Today, communicators are feted for their pithy comments of fewer than 140 characters. Political orators […]

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Sorry, Charlie…the new media isn’t broadcast

Broadcast media was very effective in the days when products that had a mass appeal could afford to run commercials designed to reach large audience segments.  It certainly helped that there were limited numbers of TV channels, only local newspapers and limited-wattage radio stations.  As a culture, we shared stories at work the day after […]

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