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Sage Marketing Quote

Stretch like spandex.  If you’re not trying new things, you are going nowhere. –Brand Management Collective Blog

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Sage Marketing Quote

The things we fear most in organizations – fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances – are the primary sources of creativity. –Margaret J. Wheatley,   Management Consultant

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Forget Brainstorming–7 Ways to Be More Creative

We’ve all been through brainstorming sessions when the moderator says something like: “there are no bad ideas; just say whatever comes into your head and don’t censor anything.”   I was shocked to read a sidebar article by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman in Newsweek (July 19, 2010 issue) that debunked brainstorming as an effective tool.  The practice became popular […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Creativity comes from trust.  Trust your instincts.  And never hope more than you work. —Rita Mae Brown

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Unleash Your Creativity

This weekend, my husband and I attended an art opening for a woodcarver in New Mexico, whose grandfather is regarded as a phenomenon.  Although Patrociño Barelo was illiterate and couldn’t sign his own name, he was considered either the embodiment of primitivism or a self taught modernist–depending on which art critic you ask.  Barela has been compared to the […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Brainstorming is the art of letting the imagination run wild, and then harvesting the wild flowers. –Marlene E. Hunter

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Honest Opinions

Over the holiday weekend, I was shopping for graduation and wedding presents, when I ambled into a small antique shop and was stopped in my tracks by an antique Navajo rug hanging on the wall.  I was smitten.  Over the course of the next couple days, I dragged two friends to assess the object of my […]

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Ditch the Resume

With graduation season upon us, I’ve been trying to provide advice to a newly-minted MBA on preparing her resume in order to find a position in the natural products industry.  Then, while reading Seth Godin’s new book “Linchpin,” I realized that I had it all wrong.   In one of his many thought-provoking points, Godin says: […]

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What you can learn from advertising

In a recent conversation with a potential client, the woman I was meeting with looked at my resume and asked me what I learned from advertising.  I hesitated, because this could have been a long, long answer.  Advertising was the foundation of my career.   I worked for my father’s agency, then went on to work […]

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Will Apple Put Its Logo on Grilled Cheese?

What does Apple due to reinforce its brand franchise with loyal users? Starting with product differentiation and ending with brand personality, this company does marketing and drand the right way.

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