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Familiarity (and Respect) Breed Respect

In Seth Godin’s blog post (2/13/11), entitled: Familiarity Breeds Respect, Godin describes how his long working relationship with his colleagues has led to great respect for those people.  It made me think that it’s not only familiarity that breeds respect, but respect itself.  The relationship is a two-way street. Respect breeds respect.  If we approach everyone […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Unfortunately, most leadership “recipes” arise from examples of good crisis management. This is a mistake, and not only because chaotic situations are mercifully rare…Indeed, a specific danger for leaders following a crisis is that some of them become less successful when the context shifts because they are not able to switch styles to match it. […]

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Change Management: Plan the Battle or Battle the Plan

As my husband was making the same lunch for the umpteenth time, I asked him why he didn’t mix it up a bit and include something new.  His response was: “when something works, don’t mess with it.”   I happened to read Harvard Business Review’s teaser copy to their article “Decoding Resistance to Change” soon after the “why change?” […]

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