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White Girl Salsa: Differentiated Brand=Potential Success

What the world doesn’t need is another salsa brand.  If you’ve browsed your local market lately, you’ll see plenty of offerings from small-batch salsa companies to large corporate manufacturers.  A friend of mine told me that recently in a business launch session, a retail buyer told her “whatever you do, don’t bring me another salsa!” But there […]

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Will Apple Put Its Logo on Grilled Cheese?

What does Apple due to reinforce its brand franchise with loyal users? Starting with product differentiation and ending with brand personality, this company does marketing and drand the right way.

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No one wants a better mousetrap

Back in the day, product innovation was driven by the mantra:  “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” The days of improving on the category leader are over.  Your customer doesn’t really want a better mousetrap, she wants rodent control. Recently, at Natural Products Expo West, the trade […]

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