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Capturing Lightning in a Bottle

I always get so enthused going to the Natural Products Expo shows.  The passionate entrepreneurs, tens of thousands of like-minded people trying to mininmize our impact on the earth’s resources while still trying to provide delicious good-for-us foods and health-care products, and lots and lots of new natural, organic and sustainable products vying for my attention on […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.  – Morris Chang     CEO TSMC

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Chaos is Expensive

It’s planning time for most of us.  This is the time of year when we all either plan our business or rationalize that we don’t need a plan.  One of the smartest business planners that I’ve encountered on the internet is Tim Berry.  His 9/28/10 post on his site: Bplan.comdealt with the issue of focusing on the business planning […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before the Defeat. —Sun Tzu

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Board of Empathizers

On a previous entrepreneurial adventure, I had joined a group called The Entrepreneur’s Network in Minneapolis, that later became Inner Circles ®.  The purpose of the group was to bring together owners of small and medium-sized businesses to collectively solve problems, share ideas and lessen the isolation of being an entrepreneur. In those days, there wasn’t even […]

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“Save Forever”

A few years ago when I was clearing out my father’s business office, I came across a file folder marked “Save Forever.”  Thinking that there were important family records, a list of what was in the safety deposit box, passwords to accounts, or other treasures, I eagerly opened the folder.  Inside were print  examples of fabulous […]

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What You Don’t Say…

Sometimes what you don’t say is more important that what you do say.  In his insightful blog post this week, Seth Godin describes the story of a vegan ice cream store in NYC that couldn’t afford the extra words to post “vegan” on their sign.  It turned out to be a fortuitous accident since the […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

…the medium is the message Marshall McLuhan “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,” 1964

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Build It and They Will Come… is wishful thinking, not a reliable marketing strategy

  After a full year of tweeting (woo hoo!) under my belt, I realize that new media is like old media.  If you stop communicating with your loyal users and potential audience, they move on.  My definition of marketing is connecting people with products and services they want or need. If the connection goes dead, […]

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Ditch the Resume

With graduation season upon us, I’ve been trying to provide advice to a newly-minted MBA on preparing her resume in order to find a position in the natural products industry.  Then, while reading Seth Godin’s new book “Linchpin,” I realized that I had it all wrong.   In one of his many thought-provoking points, Godin says: […]

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