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Dig Deeper into your Target Audience’s Motivation

Whether you work in a B2B or a B2C company, it’s critical to understand who the target audience is and why they might purchase a product or service that your business offers. I’ve had numerous sessions with CEOs and clients who want to sell to “everyone!”  Not only doesn’t “everyone” buy any product (even toothpaste, […]

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Now You’re Thinking Like a Dog!

My husband and I took our very smart (and adorable) dog on a big hike recently.  Being half adventure-dog and half love-bug, he can’t wait to get outside and show his bold side, demonstrating how agile, fast and smart he is.  This time on our hike, Rio was lagging behind and my husband made a comment on his behavior.  […]

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Differentiation AND Relevance Maximize Brand Value

A while ago, I wrote a post about the necessity of a product or service being Cheaper, Better or Different, in order to be a successful brand: http://bit.ly/dVppWy By occupying one of these three points on a positioning triangle, the best-of-class brands occupy a different reason for being in a consumer’s mind.  WalMart is an […]

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Capturing Lightning in a Bottle

I always get so enthused going to the Natural Products Expo shows.  The passionate entrepreneurs, tens of thousands of like-minded people trying to mininmize our impact on the earth’s resources while still trying to provide delicious good-for-us foods and health-care products, and lots and lots of new natural, organic and sustainable products vying for my attention on […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Gender is the most powerful determinant of how a person views the world–more so than income, race or geography.  –Bridget Brennan, author of “Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Consumers,” Crown Publishing, 2009

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Sage Marketing Quote

The consumer isn’t a moron.  She’s your wife. –David Ogilvy,  “Confessions of an Advertising Man”

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How Witnessing a Sacrificial Sheep Slaughter Made Me a Better Marketer

What’s the angle, you’re asking yourself?  Has Sage Advice Marketing Consulting been reading too many Copyblogger tips on provocative blog headlines? Actually, I just returned from a fabulous vacation in Central Asia where I did, in fact, witness a sacrificial sheep offering.  My husband and I had just celebrated my birthday with pieces of cake from a […]

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Chaos is Expensive

It’s planning time for most of us.  This is the time of year when we all either plan our business or rationalize that we don’t need a plan.  One of the smartest business planners that I’ve encountered on the internet is Tim Berry.  His 9/28/10 post on his site: Bplan.comdealt with the issue of focusing on the business planning […]

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You are Not in your Target Market

…nor is anyone in your office your target audience.  You and your colleagues may buy your company’s product or service, may have used it for decades before working at the company, fit the demographic and psychographic profile, fit the average usage–but you are still not in your target market. Why not?  You and I and […]

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Sage Marketing Quote

Branding happens whether you want it to or not. You can only decide to attempt to influence it. –Chris Kieff Post from twitter #brandchat discussion 6/16/10

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