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Brand Extensions: More Business or Confusion?

The brilliant and insightful business cartoonist, Tom Fishburne, recently published this great “Marketoon” on the dangers of brand extensions.  It reminded me of a conversation I had with some marketers recently about why I thought a brand that I once worked for had gone awry.  It wasn’t brand extensions into new categories that got them […]

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Brand Champion or Evangelist–Which is Better?

A few weeks ago, there was a question on Brandchat (online twitter chat focusing on all things brand) regarding internal brand advocates.  The participants online finally clarified that brand evangelists tend to be those wonderful, raving fans of a brand who are not on staff, and brand champions are those within an organization who are charged with brand management duties. […]

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Silver Bullet Marketing

  The Phrase Finder website defines “silver bullet” as “an action which cuts  through complexity and provides an immediate solution to a problem. The allusion is to a miraculous fix, otherwise portrayed as waving a magic wand.” Throughout my marketing career, I’ve heard bosses, clients and colleagues reference their wish for a marketing plan that […]

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